10 Points How Technology Can Help You To Catch Activities Of Your Partner!

When you believe and have trust in your relationship, you might start blindly trusting your partner, but sometimes your partner lets you down by going out of the relationship and getting along with someone else in your absence. In such cases you are not aware of your partner cheating on you. If you suspect your partner there are many ways that you can catch hold of your partner red handed? Technology allows you to do so. 

Technology really helps you know about your partner’s activities and find out if he/she is really worth your trust. One of the best options to find out about your partner’s activities is through mobile phone tracking, which allows you to know details about what your partner is doing.
The readily available software can help you track the cell phone of your partner without you even touching it. The software needs to be installed on both smart phones that both of you are using and that’s it. Once you download the website of any of the spying software, it transmits the entire data which you can access by logging in to the spy software website.
Once installed, the software hides itself, later you can view the data present on your partner’s mobile without even accessing his/her phone easily. Let us have a look what the software helps you do:
1. Locate the position of the phone with accuracy.
2. Record details of phone calls with audio which is of high quality.
3. Reads whatsapp, viber, SMS
4. Tracks the chats for all social networking websites like twitter, Face book, hangouts, Skype, talk, Yahoo messenger.
5. Track emails from Gmail, default email
6. Monitor applications and View all folders and files
7. Tracks browsing details from browsers like chrome, Firefox etc.,
8. Access pictures, videos or files shared
9. The history of data is captured with dates and time
10. Notifies if SIM card is changed
It is like viewing your partner’s phone without even accessing it. You get all the details that can give you a fair idea of what your partner is doing in day to day life. You also get the history of data transferred and chats that can give you a clue of what is happening in his/her life.
Using the software you can keep track of the person who is ruining your life and has entered as a cause for spoiling your relationship with your partner and you also don’t feel guilty of just spying without any reason as you have the evidence with you. This can help you know if your partner is worth your love and trust, or he/she is just trying to fool you around.