A How-To Guide On Choosing The Perfect Scribe

Many years ago, the scribe reigned supreme among the various intellectual jobs available in the king’s court because out of all common folk, the scribe alone knew the treasured skill of writing. It was the scribe’s lot to write down and record all that the king said and all that occurred in court. Basically, anything and everything that should go “on record” was recorded by the scribe.

Today, writing and recording is such a common practice that it has evolved into ‘transcribing’, where people are hired to write down or type something that has been recorded in a voice file. There are many different services you can hire to transcribe something for you. Here is a quick look at how you should decide which one to go with based on their merits:

First Check: Accuracy

One of the biggest problems with transcribing is accuracy. For instance, if you are a doctor at a busy hospital in a country like New Zealand, you do not have the time to be writing case notes on every patient that walks through your door. You have even less time to make sure that they are all in order. Medical transcription companies specialize in catering to doctors who record their sessions with their patients and then ask for their notes to be typed up. Ask for a trial period and check the work to see how accurate they are with your recordings. Remember that in a medical situation, every word counts. One misspelled word could literally mean life or death to someone

Second Check: Speed

Next to accuracy, speed is the most important asset when hiring a transcription NZ service. For clients such as medical personnel who need their notes typed up every day, it is not just enough to have accurate notes; they also need it the next day; even the same day if possible. Some doctors will require their voice recordings transformed into case notes by the evening, when they go on rounds in their wards. Such demands are not easily met by all services. Most services will ask for a day or two to transcribe. Any company that can offer their services within a day is a good one to hire for your work.

Check Three: Reliability

Accuracy and speed is nothing without reliability, and that is the final thing you need to assure yourself of before you pick a company to go with. Some services will pair you with one or two transcribes who will do your work regularly. In such instances, your transcribers will know what to do, when to do and how to do the work. Some companies assign them according to availability, and this may result in unfamiliar fingers typing your notes every session. That does not show reliability as each transcriber will be different. Make sure that the company you hire is reliable, accurate and fast.