Are You Keeping Your Office Clean?

Home and office should always remain posh and tidy. Your office area should stay tidy as customers always come. It is the place which reflects your personality and lifestyle.

A neat, clean and organised office improves productivity and creativity because the employees are not disturbed by dirt and filth lying on their keyboards or on their files. Like interior cleaning, you need to focus on other areas too, like the drainage system. And commercial gutter cleaning is very handy for a clear drainage. If the drainage is not maintained hygienically, then it will affect the health of the employees.

This commercial gutter cleaning should be done frequently so that the overflow of sewage does not occur. The drainage system should be cleaned by workers who are experienced and know what chemicals should be used in clean-up.

1. Keep your office well sanitised

This means, you must keep an office cleaner who should clean, broom and spray air-purifier to keep the office ambiance healthy and dust free. Proper office cleaning helps in improving the business status. Untidy and ill-maintained office becomes a hub for various ailments. The benches, chairs and desks should be sprayed with anti-bugs or anti-mosquitoes spray. These creepy things are a source of various diseases.

2. The toilet and the washroom

If you do not get your office toilet and washroom properly sanitised, then it becomes smelly and un-hygienic. This will go against your personality and in the long run it will reduce productivity and efficiency of your staffs. The toilet drains should be cleaned at regular intervals through professional drainage and sewage cleaners. They know what chemicals should be used to sanitise the toilets correctly and make sure that the mosquito larva is properly cleaned and washed off. Spraying disinfectants forces cockroaches and mosquitoes to die, or leave the area.

3. The ceiling must be checked regularly

It is very important to keep proper check of your office ceiling so that it is not destroyed by rain water. If your office is just beneath the terrace, then keep a regular check that the roof does not get dampen. Gradually, sogginess destroys the roof and rain water starts dripping. It will destroy your office files and furniture. If you observe any sort of dampness on the office ceiling or on the walls, then get it repaired immediately. The more you delay, the worse the situation becomes.

4. Keep necessary items on your desk

Unnecessary papers and files should not be kept on the desk. The necessary papers should be piled properly and must be kept neatly and cleanly on top of the table. Advice your office staffs to maintain cleanliness and not to scatter waste papers on the floor. Every office desk must have a litter basket to drop scrap and waste papers.