Gift Ideas For A Niece’s Birthday

Anyone who’s ever been an uncle or aunt can tell you how special the bond with their niece can be. Regardless to the years you have in between the two of you, she’s sometimes a daughter (you haven’t had yet), a friend, a fashion guru and sometimes, even a counselor.

But when it comes to your niece’s birthday, it might be difficult to find just the perfect gift for her.

Not to worry though, we’ve put together a few ideas that might suit your niece, regardless of what her age may be.

Flowers or trinkets.

Flowers or trinkets are definitely a safe bet. Regardless of her age, birthday flowers in Canberra are always special.

A pretty bouquet of birthday flowers can also be paired with a pretty bracelet (personalized bracelets?) or a necklace. In fact, you can pair flowers with any gift, and it will only make it more special. If your niece lives overseas, you can even order flowers and trinkets online, to be delivered at her doorstep.

Selfie aid.

If your niece has a love for selfies (like most women/teens/girls these days) then anything that will help her get a better selfie will be a great gift. A selfie stick, a pocket selfie stick, or a selfie zoom-in remote will bring out that happy smile. Similarly, a good quality camera or, if she already has a camera, lenses that fit her camera are also good ideas.

Book worm bites.

If your niece has a love for books and novels, then a book gift box makes a good birthday present. A book box consists of a few books, handpicked by you, fit into a pretty box that makes carrying it around easy. If you’re in the habit of reading similar books, then it won’t be a problem figuring out the genre of her preference. If you don’t, you might have to do a little “fishing for information”. Remember, everyone has different likes when it comes to books.

Fashion star’s kit.

If your niece has a liking for fashion, or if she likes creating her own clothes, a portable sewing machine will be a good gift. Of course, you have the higher quality and computerized machines now for a more serious interest. But if she isn’t the type to dig a sewing machine, then a voucher from her favorite boutique or an all-expense paid shopping spree will also fit the bill (though admittedly, a large bill!).

Dress-up doll.

Regardless if your niece is an expert when it comes to makeup, or just a beginner; if she wears a lot of makeup, or if she has an interest for it, then a makeup case, or specific make up or accessories will make a good gift. A full set of makeup brushes, cosmetic palettes or hard to find makeup are all examples. As before, it’s important you find out if she has any special brands that she uses, or any makeup she steers away from. If you are interested you can visit this website for floral bouquets online.

Irrespective of how big or small your budget for the gift is, if you put in time and effort into it, we’re sure your niece will love your gift!