How To Protect Your Vehicle When You’re Away From It?

We all spend hours dreaming about the type of vehicle we would love to own someday. We save, we get a loan and finally that dream car is ours. Now it is time that we make sure it stays that way. There are plenty of ways to make sure that we keep our vehicles safe even when we are away without spending fortunes for it.

A mechanical immobilizer is the least expensive anti-theft device. It is designed to restrict the movement of the vehicle. An added benefit would be that it is visible. A mechanical immobilizer is like putting a huge sign warning amateur thieves away but not the true professionals. So what are the types of mechanical immobilizers out there?

The least expensive the steering-wheel lock goes over the steering wheel. Unless the lock is removed nobody will be able to move the steering wheel. You can easily buy such a lock immediately from a 24 hour car locksmith.

Some thieves look to steal parts rather than the whole car. A hood lock blocks the access to the battery to deter such thieves away. The price of hood locks varies. Thieves like to steal tings as quickly as possible because they never know when the owner would return. A tire lock takes time and is hard to get off. Since its visible it is a very good deterrent. There are various other kinds of mechanical immobilizers too.

Moving on, an electronic immobilizer has built-in transponders and they send a signal to anti-theft system. Many modern vehicles use this safety mechanism as the car will not start until a signal is sent back from the anti-theft system that it is okay to so. Unless the thief is a tech wiz he will often try to avoid vehicles installed with electronic mobilizers. Electronic mobilizers too can be bought via a trusted car locksmith.

Easy to install a kill switch shuts down part of a car engine’s electrical system. Some cars come with a built in kill switch while for others you would have to manually install one. Since some cars don’t allow installation of such a device check the warranty card first. No one loves a noise, especially not thieves. That’s why just a sticker on your car saying it has a car alarm will deter most thieves away. But it is always better to spend some money and get the real deal as it is better to be safe than sorry. A car alarm has sensors that sense sudden movements and unauthorized entry. A beeping noise is activated when a threat is detected by the sensor. If you are really worried you could go all the way in and install a vehicle tracking system.