The Best Way To Clean Your Walls

It is time for spring cleaning again and once more, your walls are looking a little worse for wear. Our walls are the canvas upon which our daily life is smeared, and in some cases, splattered upon. This means that the walls are bearing very distinct signs of furniture having been scraped against it, grubby handprints, and watermarks from that spot where the roof always lets the rain in. Your wall situation is probably even worse if you have little children. It is amazing how much damage a toddler with a permanent marker can do.

While all these marks and scratches are products of fond memories, your walls do need to be cleaned. Depending on the state of yours, you might need anything from a little elbow grease to a more effective method of cleaning. Here are some ways you can get your walls spick and span again:


Before you begin your wall cleaning in Sydney that quickly remove paint and other contaminants, push all your furniture away from the walls and place them in the centre of the room. Next, dust all your walls really well. It’s easier to remove the collected dust when it is still dry. If it gets wet, it will likely stain the walls. Place absorbent materials such as old sheets or other cloths on the floor at the base of the walls to catch all the excess water.

You will also need a pair of gloves to prevent damage to your hands. Keep a step ladder on hand as you will require it to clean the higher parts of the wall. Have an array of sponges and brushes around you so that you can use any of them at a moment’s notice. Always have a bucket filled with clean water, you will use this to rinse off your sponges or brushes while cleaning.

Bottom to the Top

When graffiti removal always begin from the bottom and move to the top and is quick and cost effective. This way you don’t create stains by dripping dirty water from the areas you are cleaning. If water does trickle into the bottom areas that you have just cleaned, use a clean sponge to gently wipe the mess.

Be Gentle

Whatever detergent or process you are using to remove dirt from your wall, just remember to be gentle. If your walls are painted you need to be especially careful that you don’t chip the paint as you clean. Also, test your detergent on an inconspicuous patch of wall before you start cleaning. This way you will know if the cleaning agent will cause any bubbling or chipping on your paint.

Complete the wall

When you are washing a wall, finish the entire wall before you take a break. This way there will be no wash marks staining the walls and the walls will be one colour. Also, completing the task only halfway will mean that a lot of the water will absorbed by half of the wall, discoloring it.

Once you are done washing your walls gently blot them dry with white towels. This prevents the growing of any bacteria or fungus on your walls. Also remember to only use white towels that you don’t leave any coloured stains behind.

Now that you are well versed in the ways of how to clean your walls, no dirt stands a chance. Happy cleaning!