Tips On Maintaining Fencing Of Timber

A timber fence is a great idea for giving your house or your garden an elegant look. Also a fence helps you to privacy, protection, backdrop for plant in a border or simply for a boundary line. Apart from all the materials for fencing timber or wood fencing is the best in case of looks and cost. You can also change the look or theme of your garden or yard or home by painting it in different colors. But timber fences need some care if you want them to last long. A little care of your colorbond fencing Caroline Springs will increase its life and look of your. Also if you take care of the fence in a regular basis, then you don’t have to spend a lot of money to repair it at the end of the day. Also you don’t have to replace it with a new set very often. And you don’t want to rot your fence through a strong wind or so on. So, here are some simple ways to maintain your timber fences:

Choose the right material. Don’t choose a cheaper one. This may cause huge money out in the future. Go for a good quality product. There are some timbers which come with many years of guarantee. And those products last long for a 3 or 4 times more than the regular ones. For the timber fencing posts give an extra attention while buying them. The posts are the main strength holder of the fence. Also for the good result there are some pre-installing methods you should follow. Soak the posts bottom side in wood preservative for 24 hours. Then leave them to dry. After that paint them with two coats with anti water soaked and anti pests control solution.

After the installation check the posts regularly. Take a walk around your fence will help you to see if there is anything wrong with your fence. Check if there is any water under the ground at the posts. Water makes the posts weaker, rot and decay. For more info about fencing repairs Melbourne, visit

Clean your fence regularly. Wash with a strong pipe that will clean the stain and mildews from the fence. There are many cleansing solution available in the market. Wash them once in a year. Paint them after washing, then the timbers became dry, to avoid wetness and mildews. Painting your fence will give them a nicer look and also will look personalized. Check grass and plants near the fence. Your fence should not be overweighed with any plants on it. Cover the top of your fence for an extra support. Make sure all the screws and holders are in good position. If needed tighten the screws or replace them as soon as possible. An easy thing about timber fence is that you can replace them individually.